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Updated 28 March 2013  -  GMGC TJ DePalma passed away - Rest you oars Shipmate



Mr. Pat Kane (ETCM Retired) passed away 5 April 2014

STGCM George Quinata passed away 27 February 2014.

GMGC Thomas "TJ" DePalma passed away from cancer 28 March 2013.

Received an email from FTCM Glenn Barbee saying GMMC Jack Davis passed away of complications from liver cancer.

Got an email from Mike Judd saying Don Buell (TACAN Don) passed away in Port Angeles WA.

Got word that DSC Ed Dubey passed away at age 66 in Hawaii. He'd retired about a year ago and was getting ready to retire to Philippines in a house he just had built.

Received an email from FTCM Glenn Barbee saying LTjg Chuck Levasseur, the commisioning AOIC of MOTU Seven, passed away in February.

Received an email from ETCS Hugh Scriven now living in San Diego.  It's posted on the Email Comments Page.

Received an email and a MOTU Seven group photo from LTjg Bob Beyer, a member of the Drone Anti Submarine Helicopter (DASH) support team which worked out of MOTU Seven 1963 to 1967.  I've updated the Roster, Email and Photo Pages.


Tyler Whitehouse, son of YN3 Ted Whitehouse signed in the Guest Book saying his dad passed away about 10 years ago.

Received a couple pictures from Lou Brown which have been added to the Pictures Page.


Received an Email from former OIC Retired Commander Mike Judd which I posted on the Email Comments page.


Received an email from FTCM John Welch's son John which is posted on the Email Comments Page.  John passed away on 11 January 1991.


Got emails from Jack Bailey's Son and Daughter which I posted on the Email Comments Page


ETC Eisenhart sent me a picture of him and Ray Loob working on a SITE Television at MOTU Three in the early 1960's.


Got word that Ray Loob is alive and well and living in Lakeside CA.


Received word from ETCM Tom Eisenhart that ETCS Ron Sverduk has passed away.  I worked for Ron in late 70's and early 80's when working for AMEX in San Diego.  He was at MOTU in the early 70's I believe.


Jack Thomas and I have talked about having either a MOTU Seven and Thirteen or a PACFLT MOTU Reunion on board the Midway Museum in San Diego.  E-Mail me with your inputs or thoughts on a reunion or for you San Diego folks any help in setting it up.





Thanks to the following people who have given me pictures and names for this site:  FTCM Glenn Barbee, ETCS Duane Wong, ETC Dennis Lovingood, FCCS(SW) Lyle Takahara, ETC George Jordan, ETCM(SW/AW) Bob Green, ETC JJ Marold, ETC Paul Bublitz, DSCS Ray Stein, ETCM Jack Thomas, ETCM Scotty Kniess, ETC Jim Harmon, ETCM(SW) Terry Gallant, ETCS Frank Sedlacek and Kent Warhol.





Anyone having names or pictures or good stories you would like to see on the site please pass them to me and I'll post them. 




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