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Judy's Sumo Pool















January 1992











Sometime in 1991












September 30, 1994





Recon in Subic

Swede Lasell, Jim Graslie

Dave Frank, Duane Wong

Tom Brown, Felix Ballard





Jack Bailey

On Stage







Jack Bailey

Glenn Barbee

with their band

"The Stateside Ramblers"





FTCM Glenn Barbee

Circa 1971





Christmas 1990

Tokyo Wan Hotel





Myrna and Felix Ballard





Kim Stone, Marie

and Scotty Kniess





Rich Pietrantoni and

Jim Graslie in Kimonos

somewhere in Tokyo





Marshall Buss, Jim Graslie

and Steve Horgash





Steve and Debbie Horgash

belting out a song in Tokyo





A young Tom Mills after

his first reenlistment






MOTU Seven

Sake Jug






Scotty Kniess and

Jim Graslie pinning on

CWO2 Campbell's new

Jewelry in 2000





MOTU Wives + 1

Ritsuko Graslie, Chizuko Meyers

Yoko Mills, Tomoko Frank

Navy Ball 1991





Tom and Yoko Mills

Navy Ball 1991





Jim and Ritsuko Graslie

Navy Ball 1991






Duane Wong and

George Quinata in

the After Five Sasebo





At the "After 5"

Sasebo Japan






Kay Ikeda (owner Bar

Hana Nezumi), Fred Buckley

and Dave Frank in the

After Five Sasebo





Yuki-Chan from the Bar Hana Nezumi

with Jim Graslie and George Quinata





Duane Wong

taking a break





Jim Leary, Kent Warhol

Swede Lasell, Buzz Busby





Duane Wong, Jim Graslie

and Dave Frank

pheasant hunting in Korea






Scotty Kniess scaling

a lava rock fence in

Cheju Korea while

pheasant hunting





METU Office

Circa 1958




METU Office

Circa 1958





METU Office

Circa 1958








Jim Harmon's MOTU 13

License Plate








MOTU Seven in 1987 when in

Building A-37, same building

as Shop 67.  The office was later

SRF Combat Systems and is now

Shop 36 Office. 




Ray Loob and ETC Eisenhart circa early 1960's working on SITE Television in it's infancy.




MOTU Three in Sasebo

Taken in November 1971

 by Kent Warhol





The below photos were taken 23 December 2004 at the

Yoro No Taki Restaurant and Bar Casablanca in Yokosuka Japan

Additional Photos can be found on Graz-web Bounenkai Page





Tom Mills, Jack Thomas

Jim Graslie, Bob Green





Tom Mills and Jack Thomas






Flora Green and

Ritsuko Graslie





Tom Mills





Jack and Chiko Thomas





The Whole Gang




The Below Pictures were taken at the 2005 SRF Christmas Party

Additional Pictures on Graz-web SRF Christmas Party Page





TJ Depalma, Tom Mills

Jim Graslie and Fred Buckley





TJ Depalma, Yoko and Tom Mills,

Jim and Ritsuko Graslie and

Fred and Kemi Buckley




TJ, Tom and Graz




The Below Pictures were taken at TJ DePalma's Sayonara Luncheon

Additional Pictures on Graz-web TJ's Retirement Luncheon Page





TJ 2006






GMG3 TJ DePalma on board the

USS Vernon County LST-1161

circa 1972.  Check out his hair.




Graz, TJ, and MMCM Al Meyer





Keith Emerson sent me the below pictures of MOTU Seven Days in the early '90's




George Quinata, Keith Emerson

and Jim Leary

CPO Club Yokosuka









George Quinata

and Jim Leary

CPO Club Yokosuka




Buzz Busby and

Lyle Takahara




Buzz Busby and

Lyle Takahara




Gary Judd, George Quinata

and Keith Emerson




Dan Brown, Minako

and Keith Emerson

After Five Bar Sasebo




Duane Wong, Pat Kane,

Steve Horgash, Keith Emerson

with Japanese friend

Bar Westerner Sasebo





Dan Brown, Minako

and Keith Emerson

Bar Westerner Sasebo







Couple of pictures Lou Brown

sent.  MOTU Christmas Party

on the left.  Lou Brown, Pat

and Kent Warhol on the right.





MOTU Seven Homepage Commissioned 25 July 2004