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Partially plagiarized from a Yokosuka Seahawk article by Jack Thomas.


   The concept of mobile technical assistance began with the inception of the Mobile Electronics Technical Units (METU) in 1951, which were commissioned as miscellaneous afloat units under the administrative control of Commander Service Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet.  The METU's operated both afloat and ashore as flexible fleet support activities under service squadron commanders.  METU's were combined with the Mobile Ordnance Support Units (MOSU) by the CNO on April 1, 1963 and designated Fleet Mobile Technical Units with an increased role in the integrated weapon systems.  A METU was established in Yokosuka during the 1950's with the official establishment of MOTU Seven on April 1, 1963.


    The mission of MOTU Seven was to promote technical operating forces, through on the job training in maintenance self-sufficiency and operation of shipboard electronics and weapons systems, and on board technical assistance to effect repairs not requiring the facilities of an industrial activity.  MOTU Seven's area of responsibility extended from the Marianas Archipelago to the Persian Gulf.  The wartime MOTU mission included combat systems suite grooming and augmentation of tenders for forward ship battle damage repairs.


    MOTU Seven was normally manned with a complement of 2 Officers, a Storekeeper and Yeoman for administrative support and 25 Chief Petty Officers in the Electronics, Fire Control, Electronic Warfare, Data Systems, Gunner's Mate, Interior Communications and Sonar Technician ratings in addition to civilian contractors with specialized skills.


    On September 30, 1994 MOTU Seven was officially disestablished when all Pacific Fleet MOTU's merged with Naval Sea Support Center Pacific (NAVSEACENPAC) and the Performance Monitoring Teams (PMT) to become Fleet Technical Support Center Pacific, Detachment Yokosuka with detachments in Sasebo and Singapore thus ending over 31 years of technical support to the Fleet.


     With the advance of technology, "Distant Support" has become the primary means of technical assistance, taking away the advantage of one on one training with the sailors on board and the ability to promote maintenance self-sufficiency. 


     On September 30, 2004 FTSCPAC Det Yokosuka officially disestablished with the mission and personnel being absorbed by Ship Repair Facility Yokosuka Combat Systems and Engineering codes ending over 50 years of the concept of mobile technical assistance by an independent command. 





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